30 Days, 30 Bags/Items DECLUTTERING Challenge!!

By on March 31, 2017


Welcome to my 30 Days, 30 Bags/Items DECLUTTERING Challenge!  Are you on the brink of becoming a hoarder and need to clear out 30 bags of stuff?  Are they shopping bags, or heavy duty trash bags?  :)  Are you already a bit of a minimalist and can’t wait to get rid of 30 more items? Most likely somewhere in between!

Whatever your situation, if you want inspiration, motivation, tips, community, and support to clear the clutter, you’ve come to the right place.  This is a very flexible challenge, and you can adapt it to work for you.  You can aim to get rid of one bag or one item per day, or you can do all the decluttering on vacation or on weekends.  You may even decide you need to deal with some digital clutter.  It all counts, and it’s all good!

The first challenge is running from April 1st- April 30th, 2017.  But anyone can join anytime and it will be ongoing.  Keep reading for details of how to join the group.

Why are we clearing clutter?


(Yes, there are children in this garage/storage room/play area.)

Clutter in the home has been linked to increased stress and anxiety (especially in women) and even to depression.  It makes sense.  Just seeing all of the chores that need to be done, all of the unfinished projects, papers that need to be sorted, and all the chaos, drains of us of our energy and makes us feel overwhelmed.
(Photo and facts are from a study done by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families .)  

Accumulating more stuff than we need can also negatively affect our finances, our free time, and our health.

Thinking that minimalism is too extreme and just isn’t for you? Read my post on Moderatism, it’s better than minimalism :)

How to participate in the Challenge! 

I have started a group on Facebook, and anyone can join, anytime. This is where you can ask questions, post before and after photos, and get the motivation and inspiration of being part of a community.  Just keep it positive, and please don’t use the forum to promote products or services.

Within a few hours of starting the group I had 60 friends join!  Wow, we have a lot of junk! :)  I’m excited to see how the community grows over time!

You can also “like” the TrueBodyMindSoul Facebook page, and follow me on Instagram to see updates, use the hashtag #30days30bagsoritems to join in!

Are there rules?

This challenge is for you, so you get to decide your own rules.  My advice is to set a realistic but challenging goal for yourself, and be flexible and adapt the goal as the 30 days progress.  You might do more, you might do less!  Even if all you manage in the month is one weekend of decluttering and a few bags, I would count that as a success!!




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From nine to five, I am a Senior Program Officer at a small non-profit working in International Public Health. In the rest of my hours I am a yoga and meditation teacher, a health enthusiast, an aspiring vegan, an amateur photographer, and most importantly, a mother of two.

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