Not Buying It

Not Buying It! Part 6

This is Part 6 of my 90-Day “Not Buying It” Challenge.  Inspired by Judith Levine’s book Not Buying It.
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Here are my rules for the 90 days:
* No shopping except food and essential items
* No new books, clothes, or music
* No eating in restaurants or buying take-out
* Try to use up food items that are already in the house
* I’m still allowed to pay for dance and yoga
Days 36-42 –  This has been the craziest financial week, with ridiculous ups and downs!!
Last Friday I succeeded in paying off my credit card.  Hurray!!
Sunday, I filed my taxes, and learned I’ll be getting a nice refund! $1,700.   (Not nearly as much as I had hoped it would be, but still can’t complain.) Hurray!!
I went grocery shopping and to CVS and managed to spend more almost $300.  Yikes!!  That’s a lot, even for me. But I did stock up on vegan cheese which was on sale.
Tuesday, I took my car to be serviced, and in addition to needing new tires which I was expecting, I also needed new shocks, transmission fluid, and other repairs.  $1,500.  CRAP!  I was not planning on that at all!!  I don’t have my tax refund yet so I put it all on my credit card.  Remember for a minute there when I had no credit card debt???
Friday, a friend who I had lent money to more than a year ago is ready to pay me back.  I had given up on every seeing that money again!  Hurray for tax refunds and integrity!!  This is going to make a huge difference for me.
Saturday, I’m kind of tired of thinking and writing about money.  Are you tired of reading about it?  I want to just skip to the happy ending of the story, when all my debts are paid off and I get to reward myself with a nice vacation to Costa Rica 🙂
I’m almost halfway through my Not Buying It Challenge.  My son still asks me on almost a daily basis if we can buy take-out instead of eating at home, but I think he’s going to give up soon : )  Maybe. It’s a really good habit to eat at home, and to bring lunch to work every day.  I want to keep it going!  Even though I’m tired of thinking about money all the time, I’m still motivated.  This year I am absolutely determined to pay off my credit card (again); AND pay off my car, and my student loan!!  It’s going to happen.  Oh yeah, and start a savings account.  🙂 Even if it means extending the challenge longer than 90 days!!